The Gym

We are a no frills, straight up boxing gym.  We have everything you need to get your training started off right.  From fitness to sparring, we offer it here. If you want to train to fight or just train for fitness, you will get the same attention, training, and encouragement. The best way to get fit like a boxer is to TRAIN like a boxer.

Why we Opened a Boxing Gym


Boxing, in it's simplest form, is one of the best tests of a person's character. As cliche as it sounds, it's true. No team to hide behind. No one to blame for lack of preparation. It's just you, your opponent, and the challenge of who's will is going to break first.


So, why did we open it?  We wanted to share the beauty, challenge, and most of all, success, of participating in the sweet science. At MBA Boxing, we  do it for the training and the love of boxing. We do it because we want others to share the feeling of accomplishment when you meet the challenge head on and conquer it.  We here at Team MBA will  push you to be your best.  Whether its the coaches or fighters, everyone here helps each other out. No egos. No attitude. Only improvement.